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The Internet of Things is now an essential part of almost every industry on Earth. Netavo M2M connectivity services play a key role in keeping the modern economy online. Although most applications demand security, speed, and reliability, our experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the additional unique requirements and challenges facing individual industries.

ISPs use Netavo cellular and satellite services to provide backup connectivity paths for ensuring critical customer sites remain online during a fault with their primary fibre connection.

IOT is revolutionising healthcare around the world. Netavo M2M services are at the forefront of providing critical connectivity for some of the most exciting developments in Telehealth.

Secure connectivity for cash machines and credit-card terminals are just two examples of how secure, reliable mobile data connectivity is an essential part of the modern high street.

Netavo facilities tracking and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets such as vehicles, trailers, plant machinery and shipping containers with our range of global M2M and IOT connectivity solutions.

Customer metering and SCADA systems in electricity substations and water pumping & treatment stations are just some of the places that you’d expect to find Netavo M2M connectivity services.

Modern digital signage systems use Netavo connectivity services for content distribution, monitoring and interactive experiences.

Traffic Lights, ANPR Cameras and Weather Stations are just some examples of the places you’d expect to find Netavo services in any modern town or city.

What Can We Do For You?

We offer a range of M2M connectivity solutions to suit all requirements. Whether you're a Startup in need of a handful of connections to test out a Proof-of-Concept or a global Enterprise needing to connect thousands of assets around the world, we've got the perfect solution for you.


Private APN IOT SIM for Enterprise

The ultimate in worldwide IOT M2M cellular connectivity for your critical application.


Internet IOT M2M Global Data SIM

Low-cost IOT M2M data SIMs for providing Internet connectivity around the world.

Cloud-Native IOT M2M Data SIM

SIMs with direct, private access into Azure or AWS back-end cloud infrastructure


Satellite M2M Connectivity

Reach where cellular networks cant. The leader in truly global coverage

What makes us special?

Industry-leading Speed

Our modern network has been engineered from the ground-up with reliability and speed at the heart. We consistently outperform our competitors on performance and availability.

Manage Online

We provide a range of self-service portals allowing you to monitor the performance of your solution in real-time and make configuration changes at the click of a button.

Extensive Feature Set

Our extensive capabilities allow us to support almost any permutation of technical and commercial requirements in a lightweight and agile fashion.

Global Services

Our cellular and satellite M2M connectivity services are available all around the world. We have access to over 200 cellular networks in more than 140 countries.

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