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Internet M2M Data SIM

Low cost, high performance Data SIMs for any M2M or IOT application. Direct access to hundreds of the world's leading cellular networks.


IOT SIM cards (also known as M2M SIMs) provide the connectivity required for automated 'machine to machine' connectivity. When two devices need to communicate, they must do so using a data connection. It's not appropriate to make use of standard cellular mobile SIM in these scenarios as they don't provide the critical functions and capabilities inherent in IOT SIMs connectivity services.

IOT deployments are very different than roaming mobile smartphones, so why use SIMs and connectivity services designed for the wrong purpose? Netavo SIM and Connectivity Services deliver superior data service quality, multi-operator coverage and outage resiliency, whether your application is global or domestic.

Netavo SIM and Connectivity services are designed for mission critical mobile and fixed IOT use cases. With global coverage and our easy-to-use self-service control panels you can quickly and easily deploy and support any global IOT implementation.

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Coverage Options

SIMs can be single network, or multi-network roaming for ultimate coverage reliability

SIM Form Factors

SIMs are available in three sizes: Mini (also referred to as 2FF), Micro (3FF) or Nano (4FF); we also provided an embedded soldered option

Streamlined Management

We provide a range of self-service tools to manage your IOT connectivity platform

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