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Private APN IOT SIM for Enterprise

The ultimate in IOT M2M cellular connectivity. An Enterprise IOT M2M Data SIM from Netavo provides the very highest levels of security, performance and availability for your IOT or M2M application anywhere in the world.

Public APNs are usually shared across hundreds of thousands of connected devices and are designed to provide basic Internet access for the most commonly used apps and websites. However, they’re not designed to provide organisations with the type of resilient and secure service needed to run critical business systems. To meet these requirements, private APN services need to be used.

Private APNs route mobile data traffic from mobile devices directly into an organisation's corporate data network, away from the Internet, meaning these devices don’t share the public data paths - therefore:

- Getting information from mobile devices to back-end systems is more stable, improving the end user experience - particularly when using real time applications. Devices are more secure and may not need to use VPN client software, reducing the load on company firewalls, Internet connectivity and other edge systems.
- Specific static IP addresses can be assigned to SIM cards, so devices can be uniquely identified. This is usually essential to account for certain machines, assets, applications, or people.
- If you’re a Netavo private APN customer and in the rare event of things going wrong, we offer dedicated, specialist support to ensure faults are quickly corrected so business disruption and the effect on your customers is kept to a minimum.

Setting up private APN services requires a bit of effort and some extra investment but choosing an Enterprise grade service can make a big difference in the long run.

So, if you want to improve the performance of your business apps or you’re looking for “static IP addresses” for your mobile devices, then come and talk to us – a private APN might be just what you need.

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Self-Service Control Panel

We provide Enterprise customers with central self-service control panel which allows real-time access to manage all aspects of the solution. Configuration changes, performance monitoring, Helpdesk access and Billing are all available at the click of a button.

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